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Rainbow Model Technology Limited (Zonda Hobby) was a Hong Kong Based company established in 2010. 

Since Early 2011, we had been focusing on RC Helicopters and spare parts business. By the successful experience to construct the Global Distribution Network for the "Esky" Products, the GTTE continued to develop the potential RC Brands in 2012 aggressively. 

Today, "E-sky", "DTS" and "GWY" are the 3 major RC-product brands with the Global (excluding the PRC Area) Distribution Authority possessed by Zonda Hobby. 

2012, our Hong Kong Distribution Warehouse has been successfully setup. This serves the purpose to provide a very efficient and cost effective way to deliver our customer's order to every corner in the world. 

The strength of our Zonda Hobby mainly come from (by which we are highly confidence in bringing those profitable RC products to our wholesale / retail partners) : - 

- we have long-term relationship in co-operating with several reputable manufacturers in Mainland China. We launch varieties of products which are coping with the market demand.. 
- we possess the HK-Based advantage. Zonda's own warehouse is always able to provide sufficient and on-time stock supply to our retailers. 
- our products quality has been recognized by the world-wide market for the past 10 years. Fulfilling the Quality / Environmental Protection and Safety requirement throughout most countries. Certification is properly applied where it is applicable including CE / Rohs / FCC . 
- our B2B business platform www.zondahobby.com, is convenient for our retailing customers to order our products, to reduce the stock pressure and release their funding burden. 
- the Brands ( E-sky, DTS, GWY) deal by Zonda are also fully equipped with patent protection thru the Madrid Protocol of WIPO. 

Obviously, what you can trust with is "Zonda Hobby is always a reliable partner helping your RC business running ahead in the market".